West End Citizens Association, INC.

The West End section of Cambridge, Maryland is a predominantly residential area. It is bounded on the northeast by the shoreline of Hambrooks Bay and the Choptank River; on the southeast by the channel of Cambridge Creek; and on the southwest by commercial properties, county- owned properties and undeveloped tracts. 

The portion of the West End adjoining Cambridge Creek is one of the earliest-settled parts of the City. Surviving records, dating to 1697, indicate that a dwelling was built on the site presently occupied by the Court House on High Street and was probably finished and occupied by 1686. 

With waterfront forming half its boundaries and with two large parks, two private schools, five churches of various denominations, two museums, the County Library, the YMCA, the Arts Center, and more than fifty small businesses located within its boundaries, the West End is a very pleasant area in which to live. The City Hall, City Council Chambers and Firehouse are also in the West End.

Historic House Markers
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